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Magical and memorable “Polka Cruise with the Stars VII 2014”

It was a magical and memorable week sailing the Caribbean aboard the stunning Crown Princess.  Our fabulous guests were entertained with daily performances by Full Circle, Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push, DJ Kenny Olowin, along with a special Marion Lush Tribute and a Freelance Jam.  The Club Fusion Lounge was the perfect venue for our polka parties with its large dance floor and cheerful wait staff.  We experienced paradise as we visited the gorgeous islands of the Bahamas (Princess Cays), Curacao and Aruba.  The weather was impeccable and Northern polka guests were given a much needed warm up from this winter’s severity.  As always, it was hard to say goodbye to all of the polka fans who have become like family to us all.   

Thanks so much to all the polka cruisers who spent this special week with us!  It means the world to us!  Though Full Circle will be taking a break from cruising in 2015, we have something new and exciting in the works, so keep visiting our website for information.

Warmest regards,

Full Circle (Lenny Gomulka, Jimmy Weber, Al Piatkowski, Mike Matousek, Mike Stapinski, and Roger Malinowski)

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Something New For People Familiar With Polka Music

There is a new website called Polkas United. Click here to take a look and participate. This is a public Forum to discuss Polka Music so this music genre can move forward and grow. Let's talk about Polka, Polkas and Polka Music. Click here to view a video on YouTube for Polkas United by Larry King and Sarah Palin!

Full Circle's mission is to celebrate and perform some popular styles from the past that are seldom played or heard anymore. In life and in music, certain things we experience have "Gone Full Circle." As it was so eloquently stated by a fellow cruiser, "Old friends singing the songs of old friends."

Members of the Full Circle band are: IPA Hall of Famers Lenny Gomulka (MA), Jimmy Weber (NJ), Al Piatkowski (NY) and Mike Matousek (MD) along with Mike Stapinski (IL) and Roger Malinowski (IL).

Click here to view polka videos of the Full Circle polka band. Click here to listen to live Full Circle polka music and download free MP3's of live polka music. Click here to read the bands biography.

** Please note: Several of our web pages launch a short live polka music clip when opened.

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