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Click here to watch 2014 cruise videos on YouTube.

Click here to watch 2013 cruise videos on YouTube.


Click on any of the the following links to watch a live video of Full Circle from different sources:

Here are videos from our 2012 Polka Cruise.

What A Life Polka

Meadowlark Polka

Sweet Tooth Oberek

We Like Polka Polka Music

Green Maple Polka

Happy Birthday Song - Strolling Musicians

Roll Out The Barrel - Strolling Musicians


Here are videos from Chicago January 14, 2012.

Ballroom Polka

I Walk The Line

Hey Hey Chopaku Polka

Lucy's Desire Waltz

Now and Forever Polka


Here are videos from 2011 performances in Albany NY, Pulaski WI, Buffalo NY and Johnstown PA.

Green Grass Polka (Albany)

Diana's Polka (Albany)

Wedding Waltz (Albany)

Parkway Polka (Pulaski)

Request Polka (Pulaski)

Domino / Gloria Medley (Buffalo)

Butchers Oberek (Johnstown)

I'll Never Forget You (Johnstown)


Here are videos from the Polka Cruise with the Stars 2011:

How's The World Treating You

All The Girls Polka

We'll Play For You Polka

Dinner - Strolling Muiscians - Part I

Dinner - Strolling Musicians - Part II

I Play Music On My Squeezbox

Love it Up Polka

Potato Chips Polka

Tra La La Polka

When I Was Young Waltz

Love You Girl Polka

I Won't Return Polka


Here are videos from the USPA Convention in Independence, OH - May 2010:

Polka Music In My Veins

What A Life

Leaving for The Front

I Play Music On The Squeezebox


Here are videos from the IPA January Dances in Chicago - January 2010:

Green Maple


Beautiful Castle


Sweet 16

Tra La La

Good Luck


Here are videos from the Pulaski Polka Days in July 2009:

Never Again (Video and audio courtesy of John Zelasko)

Danusia (Diana's) Polka


Here are videos from the USPA Festival and Convention in May of 2009:

Good Time Charlie Polka

Which One Should I Choose Waltz

Old Country Polka

Two Mary's and Crazy About You Obereks


Here are videos from the Minnesota State Polka Festival in March 2009:

On Top Of The World

Dry Martini Oberek

Rooster Polka

Play Music On The Sqeezebox


2009 Cruise - Pool Party Video


Click here to watch a bloopers and out takes video with Full Circle!


Here are videos from the Mardi Gras in Ludlow, MA in February 2009:

Strolling Through The Forest, Good Luck and Play Me A Polka Medley

Musicians, Life Is Good, Lonely Flower and Girls In Every Town Medley

Hop Ciuk, Request, Kiss Me, Tra La La and How's The World Treating You Medley


Here are videos from Chicago, IL in November 2008:

Never Again

Sweet 16


Mother's Garden


Hot Peppers


Here are videos from Fontana, CA in November 2008:

Full Circle meet the Mariachis in Fontana CA - Roll Out The Barrel

Green Maple


Here are videos from Phoenix, AZ in October 2008:

I'll Marry You Next Saturday



Here is a video from Polkamotion by the Ocean at Rehoboth Beach, DE 2008:

Paddy Wagon Polka


Here are videos from the cruise in 2008:


Under The Maple Tree Oberek

Clarinet Duo


Here are videos from the Mardi Gras in Ludlow, MA (01/27/08):


I Walk The Line

Got To Go


Here are videos of Full Circle from 2007:

Tones Medley

Naturals Medley

Early Versatones Medley

Blue Waters Waltz - Zima

Ampol-Aires, Marion Lush and Tones Polka Montage


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